Whether you’re a Swiftie or a hater, you’ve probably heard about the global phenomenon that is Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. It’s estimated to have broken at least five industry records – from ticket sales to concert attendance for a female artist – it’s well on its way to becoming the biggest tour of all time.

So, what is it about Taylor that appeals to so many? If you ask us, it’s her storytelling. Her songs resonate with billions, giving voice to people’s emotions and offering us a window into the different eras of her life and career. And while corporate comms may seem far removed from the glitzy world of pop music, we think there are lessons we can all learn from Taylor’s storytelling techniques. Here are our top takeaways from Taylor’s work:

1. Be authentic

Taylor’s storytelling is so powerful because it’s rooted in authenticity. By sharing her personal experiences, thoughts and emotions through music, she invites us all into her world. Authenticity is equally important in corporate communications. People connect much more with genuine stories and experiences than with boilerplate statements. So, when you’re crafting your brand’s story, it’s important to stay true to your unique purpose.

2. Embrace vulnerability

One of Taylor’s superpowers is her ability to be vulnerable – and her songs often explore her own struggles and heartbreak. But vulnerability can also be a powerful tool in your communications. Sharing challenges, setbacks and lessons learned can make your message much more relatable. It also humanises your brand and shows that you’re not afraid to admit imperfection, which can help build a stronger bond with your audience.

3. Familiarity, with a twist

From her optimistic retelling of Romeo and Juliet in Love Story to her send-up of chivalric tropes in White Horse, Swift’s songs often put a satisfying spin on the well-known. It’s a tactic that allows her to effortlessly tap into the collective unconscious to make her points even more powerful, and it’s one that also works well in corporate communications. What cultural touchstones could you use to tell your brand’s story more effectively?

4. Evolve, adapt and grow

One of the most extraordinary aspects of Taylor Swift’s career has been the evolution of her storytelling style. With roots in country music, she’s explored many genres to get where she is today, without ever compromising on her signature relatability. In corporate communications, it’s equally important to stay agile and adapt to changing trends and preferences. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different to what you’re used to – whether that’s your storytelling style, the platforms you use, or the audiences you target. Changing things up from time to time will keep your message fresh and relevant.

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